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Knowing when it’s time to consider a different pay per click management agency isn’t easy. After all, you want to be sure that you are giving your current agency a fair chance and that your expectations of them are realistic. If you don’t fully understand the PPC process or how a professional PPC agency should work, it’s hard to determine if it’s time to make a change, or if you’re acting too quickly.

Are You Seeing ROI?

This may seem like the most obvious question, but businesses can sometimes have trouble determining when they should see ROI or what type of ROI they should be seeing. Just to be clear, a PPC campaign isn’t going to produce great ROI in just one week. It takes time, effort, and a lot of testing in order to get your cost-per-conversion low and your conversion rate high. However, if you’ve had an agency working for you for months and aren’t seeing ROI, then it may be time to consider moving to another.

Are You Still Managing the Campaigns?

Hiring an agency means that you need the agency to take the lead with your campaigns. Is your current agency proactive and regularly thinking outside the box to increase the performance of your campaigns? Or are they only making changes or developing new strategies when prompted by you?

An agency must take the lead and manage your campaign properly. Regular management means:

  • Making tweaks to the content constantly
  • A/B testing landing pages and ad copy
  • Optimizing the keyword strategy
  • Constantly checking the spend and asking you if a budget increase is possible as soon as an opportunity is recognized

Are You Receiving Poor Leads?

Targeted keywords will result in leads that are ready to buy your product or service. If you target the wrong keywords, then you’ll be paying for clicks that will never result in an actual conversion. A solid keyword strategy is the foundation for getting positive ROI. Your PPC Management agency should be testing and tweaking keyword variations to identify keywords that yield high quality leads.

Are You Happy With Your Account Manager?

Often times, clients get sucked in by a top level executive whom they’re very happy to work with. But once they’re on board, they aren’t satisfied with their new account manager. This is a big issue for a lot of companies. You need to be able to speak freely with the person handling your account and build a working relationship with them. If they are not being attentive to your campaign or isn’t taking the time to learn your business and its target demographics, then they are not a good fit.

Ideally, your account manager should be knowledgeable in PPC and have a talented team of PPC experts to execute your strategy. If the account manager is handling everything and doesn’t specialize in PPC then chances are that your campaigns will not be successful.

Does Your Agency Raise Your Adwords Budget Without Asking?

An AdWords management agency should always seek approval before raising your campaign’s budget. If your agency does not ask you if it’s ok to increase spend, then it’s time to start looking elsewhere. It’s normal to increase budgets or lower them when managing a campaign, but client approval is always a necessity.

Are You Seeing Regular Communication and Reporting?

You’re paying to have someone run your campaign for you. If you’re not receiving reports or have regular communication with your PPC agency, it’s hard to determine if and when work is being done for you. Every agency should have a process, and the main way that you can see that the process is working is by getting regular updates and seeing your results. If you’re not regularly updated, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Does Your Agency Create Professional Landing Pages?

When a potential lead clicks on your PPC ad and goes to a landing page, what will they see? Are they getting the offer that was promised in the ad? Is the branding consistent with your other marketing assets? If your agency doesn’t create professional-looking landing pages or worse, doesn’t create landing pages at all (leaving you to create them), your PPC campaigns will suffer.

Also, your landing page should be dynamic and tailor-made to speak to the buyer based on your keywords and advertisement. If not, you will not get conversions.

These questions should put you on the right track. Sometimes, a pay per click management agency simply doesn’t follow best practices or they don’t have the resources or expertise to make a campaign a success. In this case, it may just be time for a PPC agency change.

If you have additional questions about changing your PPC agency then please contact us .


Author Bio

Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar

Andy Beohar is VP of SevenAtoms , a Google and HubSpot certified agency in San Francisco. Andy develops and manages ROI-positive inbound and paid marketing campaigns for B2B & Tech companies. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn or Twitter .

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